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December 20, 2013

A premium brand needs a premium immersive online experience. Just look what yellowBird have been doing for Shangri-la over the last couple of months! We were commissioned and proud to shoot Immersive Surround Videos for the Shangri-La luxury hotels around the world.

Explore these amazing hotels yourself:

Serious Request 2013 Live in Surround Video

December 18, 2013

yellowBird was invited by 3FM (major Dutch radiostation) to support their annual charity event “Glazen Huis 2013” to support the Red Cross. yellowBird has enabled a 360º live experience that captures the inside of the Glazen Huis venue. It looks like you are one of the DJs!

The 360º Livestream will be live for 6 days in row, 24 hours a day. It starts today and will end on christmas eve 2013!

Please have a look at:

Harry Potters Hogwarts castle in 360º

December 5, 2013

People all over the world have been enchanted by the Harry Potter films for over a decade. The wonderful special effects and amazing creatures have made this iconic series beloved to both young and old – and now, for the first time, the doors are open for everyone at the studio.

yellowbird was invited by Warner Bros Studios to create a stunning Surround Video experience. You can watch the incredible transformation of the Hogwarts castle model as it was covered in snow and explore the process in the Surround Video time-lapse video! Please have a look at Harry Potters Hogwarts castle in 360º

Robinson Island

September 26, 2013

In cooperation with Media Monks we have produced and developed a 360º video campaign within a Facebook app.

This Robinson Island experience will be used as a teaser for the massively popular Dutch television show; “Expeditie Robinson” and enables the viewer to discover this tropical island and discloses all its secrets. Take a look around with the Robinson Island Facebook app. (only available on your desktop)

Emirates Carousel 360º

August 16, 2013

UK based agency Pulse challenged yellowBird to capture the journey of a suitcase from London Heathrow airport to Dubai International Airports.

The Surround Video follows the point of view of the suitcase as it travels across the Globe. The journey highlights the complex scanning systems and intricate Baggage systems that are behind both airports. Furthermore, it provides an incredible insight into the mechanics of modern flight. The whole production is enhanced by extensive use of CGI elements.

The Surround Video of this interesting journey of a suitcase can be viewed at Emirates Aviation Experience where it is projected on eight large screens.


August 6, 2013

UK agency Imagination asked yellowBird to capture the Shell Energy Lab in Surround Video. The Shell Energy Lab is an event full of exciting attractions. It takes its visitors on an engaging journey into the future of energy, technology and mobility.

The challenge for yellowBird was to allow people at home to go on the same engaging journey, as they would have when visiting the event. Whilst two narrators give an educational guided tour, interactive hotspots disclose information about the exciting attractions that you come across.

Experience the journey of the future of energy yourself!

IKEA – Make Small Spaces Big

July 26, 2013

yellowBird got invited by London based LIDA (M&C Saatchi group) to produce and develop a fully interactive Surround Video for IKEA. The concept is based on Making Small Spaces Big.

The challenge for us was to shoot a guided Surround Video tour in various small spaces. Interactive hotspots highlight IKEA products designed for these spaces and show more information on features and pricing once clicked. Localizations were integrated for England and Ireland.

Another great piece that shows the true potential of Surround Video.

Check it out here!

Check our Facebook albums for behind-the-scenes stills of this production

Read the Brand Republic Review on this production here.


Launch yellowBird Labs

June 7, 2013

Curious what we’re working on behind the scenes?  Get ready for yellowBird Labs, a unique technology blog by the yellowBird development department.

At yellowBird Labs we will share which features and technologies are available for implementation in client projects. Discover the latest news on 360 degree video playback technologies, distribution infrastructures and the Surround Video platform.

Now, there’s extensive information on:
- The new and lightning fast SteroidPigeon player core
- The Surround Video platform hot spot configurator
- A  new multi-screen and multi-feed player interface
- The new director’s view tracking implementation
- And something shaky the production guys came up with.

Let us now know what you think!

Shangri-La | Ogilvy | new resorts and hotels online

June 4, 2013

State-of-the-art virtual tours? Just look what yellowBird have been doing for Shangri-la over the last couple of months!
We were commissioned to shoot Surround Video for the Shangri-La chain of exclusive 6* luxury hotels around the world and it’s been a treat to work at and shoot all these amazing locations.

Explore these world class hotels yourself:

SL Beijing, World Summit Wing

SL Beijing

SL Dalian

SL Xian, Golden Flower

SL Xian

SL Harbin

SL Manzhouli

SL Huhhot

SL Baotou


Courvoisier – Harrods – iPad app

May 8, 2013

UK agency Metropolis asked our lucky London crew to join them at the World famous wine cellars of Harrods department store for an exclusive presentation of the Worlds oldest and finest cognacs by Courvoisiers Master Blender Patrice Pinet and brand ambassador Rebecca Asseline.

The tour uses yellowBirds Surround Video technology which takes the viewer through the experience, linked by a number of floating hotspots which give the viewer a sensory journey into the brand with traditional video showcasing the ingredients used to create the liquid gold, as well as documentary footage and a presentation by Rebecca and Patrice.

Download the app here

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